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Improving Foot Health with Scientifically Engineered Insoles

MEDICOVI is a Danish insole design company that takes great pride in developing and manufacturing all our products exclusively in Denmark.

At MEDICOVI, we believe that science is the key to improving foot health for people with chronic pain, balance and mobility issues. And as one of the largest insole manufacturers in Denmark, we take this responsibility very seriously. 

We’re on a mission to change the way people look after the everyday health of their feet. And we’re achieving our goals in conjunction with some of the best and brightest minds in the University of Copenhagen and the University of Aalborg. 

We take great pride in relieving foot pain — and all the related health issues it can lead to. Our approach involves getting people to use their feet the way nature intended. That’s why our insoles are flat and offer minimal arch support. By ensuring feet work properly, our insoles strengthen the muscles and tendons responsible for balance. And because we’re succeeding in this mission, we’re alleviating foot pain for thousands of people. 

Our Principles

At MEDICOVI, we work according to the principles and values that have made us one of Denmark’s leading insole manufacturers. They are:

- A commitment to scientific innovation
- Continual testing, research and development
- We listen to feedback from our customers
- We treat our team members with dignity and respect
- We make customer satisfaction our top priority
- We alleviate foot pain and all the related health issues
- We’re determined to change the way people care for their feet